Interesting Dreams….yet to be revealed.



I was in a place… I don’t know where it was, but there was this Man there. I believe it was Jesus.

I ran up to him and hugged and kissed his neck. I boldly told Him I LOVE KISSING YOU! I LOVE KISSING YOU!

Over and over again.

He looked at me with soft eyes, and then another woman came in and she was with her mother.

They brought things to the Man. Beautiful, expensive furniture for their new house.

They were engaged to be married.

He kept looking and preferring me even though I was not wealthy or famous like she was.

She finally brought him a very unusual large chair…almost like a throne.

It was scarlet/red and intertwined with wood.

It looked like it was alive. But SO beautiful.

  I commented on it’s beauty. The Man just kept looking lovingly at me seeming to prefer me over his fiancé.

Then he said “This is for you”.

Then I woke up….


Another fascinating very LUCID DREAM I had a few weeks back:

In this dream I found myself swimming in a beautiful crystal clear river.  It was not a very wide river but

it was extremely deep.  I was alone but felt such joy….

to be able to swim about, diving down and up again to the surface, something like you would see an otter or seal do underwater.

(You must know that I am not a great swimmer or diver in the natural so this was all new to me in the dream!)

I was having the time of my life!

But after some time I became weary and tired so I thought I had better get out and rest.

I swam to the side to get out, but as I reached the huge granite rocks that lined the river, I found they were smooth and slick and to my dismay I could not get a hold on them to get out.

This concerned me at first but then the thought came that I should just float down the rest of the way.

As I came around the bend I could see a group of people who were there.  As soon as I saw them, I was out of the river and I was with them.


At first I was cautious because I did not recognize any of them. In fact they all looked like stick figure paper doll cut outs….but they were real people and they were black almost like shadow figures. Each one spoke kind words to me assuring me that I had come to the right place and that it was all going to be fine.

Even though they did not have facial features as such, I could “see” the love in their faces

and feel the goodness coming from their collective hearts.

The End


The Cross



I  will Glory in the Cross of Christ for it is the ONLY hope of my salvation.

Because of the Cross of Christ I can:

  • Come BOLDLY to His Throne
  • Ask ANYTHING according to His Will and receive it
  • ENTER into the New Kingdom

Because of the Cross of Christ I am:

  • Holy
  • Accepted
  • Beloved
  • Chosen

This is the place where I meet with the King.

At the corner of The Cross….and my failure we meet  face to Face.

He welcomes me with a gentle smile and loving eyes…He calls me closer to His side,

He whispers in my ear…here my child…take up YOUR cross too.

It will fit you perfectly.  Do not be troubled…for to this end you were born.

Just as I came into the world to lay down my life…so must you.









You said that it was finished…that you completed EVERYTHING



That ALL I need to do is to believe and have faith

I HAVE obeyed Lord…I DO believe 

Now everything is done…I LOVE YOU!.




My LIFE is SO beautiful and SO VERY blessed!

It’s Heaven on EARTH!!!


Amen Lord?


Yes, HE answered…I DID DO IT ALL…

Salvation complete.


I have called you to lay down your life for the brethren.

If you love Me, then you will gladly follow Me and acquire a servants heart.  

Then you will see your worldly ambition and accomplishments as trash before My Throne.

You will finally see your reasonable service as death to self everyday

as you look past this life’s treasures to the Glory to come. 


If you embrace your cross…you will learn to love it.  

You will know my freedom and joy

as you accept the work of the rugged hammer and nails.  

For in your obedience you will bring many into the Kingdom. 






p.s. I will see you soon love…occupy until we are together. Remember I love  you and will be with you always! ~Jesus