Why God Made Birds

Today while sitting in the yard, I listened to a little mockingbird sing his impressive songs from high on a wire to attract a mate.

The sky was the most amazing blue….with white billowing clouds in stark contrast.

I saw a large bluebird swoop repeatedly down from the treetop to grab the beetles and bugs in the lawn to complete his morning meal.

It was indeed a sacred event, for this is God’s work.


The Father spoke clearly to my heart.

He asked me if I knew why He made the birds. And before I could think of an answer….He continued to say….

“They are created to remind man of My presence and provision.

I send them throughout the earth; to the highest mountains and the lowest valleys. I even order them to fly the expanse of the seas.”

Wow, I thought….this is true. There isn’t a place on earth where man dwells that you won’t find a bird.

He continued, “Their songs and behavior are My language to the people in all the lands and seas of the earth. These flying witnesses of My providence have been assigned for the comfort and encouragement of My children.

Just like the Rainbow, I have given them as a sign of My Love and care.

I wrote all the songs that they sing. Their melody and harmony announce My Glory.

show them where to look for food and how to build their nests.

 INDEED, I care for them ALL.”

As soon as He stopped speaking to me….a small grey cloud covered the sun and it became too cold to sit outside.


I came inside and that’s when He told me to resume my blog.

So I am going to do what He said.

Almost ALWAYS when the Lord speaks to me it is in word pictures or other natural events. I pray that whoever reads my blog will also have times when the Lord gives them insight into His Heart and Mind.

It is so wonderful.

He really does LOVE us EVEN MORE THAN THE BIRDS and desires to intimately commune with us EVERY DAY!!!!

YouTube Video by Carleen Sabin, Piano by Dino Kartsonakis


When God Unfolds The Rose

Psalm 73

The Message (MSG)

An Asaph Psalm

73 1-5 No doubt about it! God is good—
good to good people, good to the good-hearted.
But I nearly missed it,
missed seeing his goodness.
I was looking the other way,
looking up to the people
At the top,
envying the wicked who have it made,
Who have nothing to worry about,
not a care in the whole wide world.

6-10 Pretentious with arrogance,
they wear the latest fashions in violence,
Pampered and overfed,
decked out in silk bows of silliness.
They jeer, using words to kill;
they bully their way with words.
They’re full of hot air,
loudmouths disturbing the peace.
People actually listen to them—can you believe it?
Like thirsty puppies, they lap up their words.

11-14 What’s going on here? Is God out to lunch?
Nobody’s tending the store.
The wicked get by with everything;
they have it made, piling up riches.
I’ve been stupid to play by the rules;
what has it gotten me?
A long run of bad luck, that’s what—
a slap in the face every time I walk out the door.

15-20 If I’d have given in and talked like this,
I would have betrayed your dear children.
Still, when I tried to figure it out,
all I got was a splitting headache . . .
Until I entered the sanctuary of God.
Then I saw the whole picture:
The slippery road you’ve put them on,
with a final crash in a ditch of delusions.
In the blink of an eye, disaster!
A blind curve in the dark, and—nightmare!
We wake up and rub our eyes. . . . Nothing.
There’s nothing to them. And there never was.

21-24 When I was beleaguered and bitter,
totally consumed by envy,
I was totally ignorant, a dumb ox
in your very presence.
I’m still in your presence,
but you’ve taken my hand.
You wisely and tenderly lead me,
and then you bless me.

25-28 You’re all I want in heaven!
You’re all I want on earth!
When my skin sags and my bones get brittle,
God is rock-firm and faithful.
Look! Those who left you are falling apart!
Deserters, they’ll never be heard from again.
But I’m in the very presence of God—
oh, how refreshing it is!
I’ve made Lord God my home.
God, I’m telling the world what you do!