Why God Made Birds

Today while sitting in the yard, I listened to a little mockingbird sing his impressive songs from high on a wire to attract a mate.

The sky was the most amazing blue….with white billowing clouds in stark contrast.

I saw a large bluebird swoop repeatedly down from the treetop to grab the beetles and bugs in the lawn to complete his morning meal.

It was indeed a sacred event, for this is God’s work.


The Father spoke clearly to my heart.

He asked me if I knew why He made the birds. And before I could think of an answer….He continued to say….

“They are created to remind man of My presence and provision.

I send them throughout the earth; to the highest mountains and the lowest valleys. I even order them to fly the expanse of the seas.”

Wow, I thought….this is true. There isn’t a place on earth where man dwells that you won’t find a bird.

He continued, “Their songs and behavior are My language to the people in all the lands and seas of the earth. These flying witnesses of My providence have been assigned for the comfort and encouragement of My children.

Just like the Rainbow, I have given them as a sign of My Love and care.

I wrote all the songs that they sing. Their melody and harmony announce My Glory.

show them where to look for food and how to build their nests.

 INDEED, I care for them ALL.”

As soon as He stopped speaking to me….a small grey cloud covered the sun and it became too cold to sit outside.


I came inside and that’s when He told me to resume my blog.

So I am going to do what He said.

Almost ALWAYS when the Lord speaks to me it is in word pictures or other natural events. I pray that whoever reads my blog will also have times when the Lord gives them insight into His Heart and Mind.

It is so wonderful.

He really does LOVE us EVEN MORE THAN THE BIRDS and desires to intimately commune with us EVERY DAY!!!!

YouTube Video by Carleen Sabin, Piano by Dino Kartsonakis




In August of 1975 I had a very special dream.

It was such a vivid dream that I can remember the details like it was last night.

In my dream I was hanging from a sheer cliff in a basket,

much like the basket of the men of Tibet pictured here:

Basket in Tibet

This cliff was so shear and so high that you could not see the bottom

of the cliff from the basket.

Sheer cliff

There were many others also hanging in their individual baskets

at different levels on the face of the cliff.

Some were above me and many were below.

Each basket, hung from three long braided ropes at the rim,

was attached to a strong iron nail placed deep into the face of the cliff.


The sun was shining in a clear blue sky.

The baskets were swaying gently in the soft breeze.



Slowly but steadily the breeze increased until the baskets began to bounce against the sheer rock.

Within minutes the breeze turned into a strong wind.

Soon my basket was slamming against the cliff violently.

One rope gave way, leaving only two to hold me in place.

 I looked down as the basket tipped slightly and all I could see were clouds below

as if I was miles above any ground.

Then the second rope snapped.

My basket tipped sideways, then completely upside down

and I began to free-fall at an ever-increasing speed.


Intense fear gripped me.

I was sure to die.

There would be no rescue for me.


As I was falling at lightening speed a huge bird swooped underneath me and caught me on His wings.

American Bald eagle

I felt the incredible power of His strong wings lift me up against the wind

on to a steady course.

I held on to Him with all my might.

He began to speak to me.  As He spoke I knew that this was the Lord.

His voice was gentle but strong.

Just the sound of His voice gave me peace.

We began to fly around the world.

The strong wind was now replaced by a warm gentle breeze.

He showed me many places and cities around the earth.

He was so proud to show me his wonderful creation.

All created for mankind.

The beautiful green valleys,

the massive azure seas,

the stark desert places,

His beloved animal kingdom.

All something he loved so dearly.

As the full moon began to rise over a hill, there was a silence and peace like no other.

Moon rising

By the time we got to Bangkok it was night and you could see the beautiful sparkling lights below.


The beauty was breathtaking.


We continued through the night visiting many places and seeing the vastness of this beautiful planet.


By daybreak we had made full circle back to my home.

It was time for Him to leave me in my place on this earth.


Only stillness and peace now.

Rescued from sure death, all fear had gone.

His strength had become mine.  His peace was now my peace.


All was well now.

No need to question or explain.

It was understood.


Within one week of this dream

on Sunday, August 31, 1975 at 10:30 p.m. 

I accepted Jesus Christ as

Lord and Saviour and started on this incredible journey.


It continues to be breathtaking.